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Get your Free Solar Panels in Northern Ireland

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Hello Sunshine

Love the sun? Make it work for you with solar pv by generating free electricity for life.

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Enjoy That Loving Your Home Feeling

Come home to cosy with draught free, high quality doors and windows that are also affordable and can minimise your energy spend

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Warmer Homes - Happy Families!

Insulating your roof and walls is the very first thing to think about when improving your home: you get to be cosier and warmer without having to turn the thermostat up!

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Be Smart... Take Control with TADO!

You're closer than ever to finding a heating system that saves between 20-40% of the cost of fossil fuel systems.

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Light Bulb Moment!

Here's a bright idea: save up to 85% of the cost of lighting your home. Lighting accounts for 7% of your household energy costs. But with our great range, you can get that down to just over 1%!

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