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GROW YOUR HOME with AMBERGREEN: Order your new conservatory today…

Posted on March 8, 2016 @ 9:51 am


Conservatory Northern IrelandA full-blown extension to your home might not be practical or affordable. But you don’t need to blow the budget to really start loving your home again. And you could have a brand new conservatory much sooner than you think – in time for summer, in fact!

Picture it: strolling into your brand new sunroom first thing on a sunny morning, cuppa in hand – the perfect way to start the day. Or having everyone over for a garden party, with the luxury of serving guests inside or out.

Need more reasons to treat yourself to a new conservatory? Well, adding a conservatory means adding value to your home – around 7% in fact. But only if you do it right… make sure your new conservatory ticks all the boxes:


Victorian – a great choice for a traditional type home that will complement and enhance without looking like an add on.

Edwardian – A very popular choice because its square or rectangular footprint makes the most of the usable space and will complement either period or modern homes.

P-shaped – giving the best of all worlds and great if you want to make a statement in a larger space.


Whatever style conservatory you choose, you can trust us to design and build a space that is structurally sound, robust and incorporates the latest thermal technology – making it a more energy efficient space that provides great light and ventilation.


Get EXACTLY what you want. Think about how you want to use the space and how it will look – making sure it fits in with the style of your home makes all the difference between creating a carbuncle or a complimentary addition to your home!

So make sure you go for the right style and colour: the AmberGreen Loving Your Home team are here to talk you through all the choices – and there are many – and make sure you get the best possible conservatory for your money. Ask us for our tips and tricks on maximising the space and making your new conservatory best blend in with and enhance your home – we’re full of ideas!

Give us a call to book a FREE consultation and find out about our great conservatory offers today on 0800 122 3838 – or leave a question at and we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can.


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