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Who is No.1 for Home Improvements Northern Ireland? AmberGreen of course!

Posted on March 31, 2016 @ 11:27 am


Time for a spruce up…

Home Improvements Northern Ireland

We have everything you need to give your home the makeover it deserves. Whether you want to increase ‘kerb appeal’, the value of your home, security or energy efficiency, AmberGreen can do it all. With our doors, windows and conservatories, you’re making a real investment in your home and family life. We also tick all the boxes in terms of quality, value and workmanship. But just in case you need any more reasons to improve your home, here’s a few to help make your decision…

Reasons to remodel.

Now that the worst of the weather is over, you may have noticed your home has taken a battering from the elements. If your windows and doors are aging, replacing them can give your home an instant face lift – all ready to shine in the summer!

Improve your ‘kerb appeal’.

If you’re thinking of making a big move, it makes great financial sense to make sure your home is looking its best. Kerb appeal can make all the difference between buyers noticing your home or driving on by. It can help to secure more interest and the best price. And it can even make for a quicker sale. So if you don’t want to linger on the market too long, better give us a call quick…

Save money.

Speculate to accumulate is how the saying goes. And it’s particularly true when you’re investing in your home. New windows and doors will save you money on energy bills – and make your home even more cosy! If you really want to cut down on your utility bills, check out our solar panels too.

Make your home your own.

Whatever stage of life you’re at, whether just starting out or preparing for retirement, you’ll want to make sure your house is a home that suits your lifestyle. If you’ve just bought a place, you can put your own stamp on it with a front door that reflects your colourful personality, or increase safety, security and money-saving potential with the latest technology. If you’re thinking of retirement, security and safety will be high on your list too, perhaps jolietta in canada as well as adding a garden room to enjoy all those quiet moments you’re looking forward to.

Don’t Move – Improve!

If the thought of moving home fills you with dread, but you really fancy a change – it’s time for plan B! Replacing windows will change the overall look of your home for the better – and will make it more energy efficient. Changing your front door can add a splash of colour – which is always nice to come home to. And adding a conservatory, sunroom or orangery will give you much needed extra space – think or if as somewhere for the kids to hang out or claim it as your own haven of tranquility.

Check out our fabulous Home Improvements range and call the Ambergreen team for inspiration on 0800 122 3838 – we’ve got lots of ideas on improving your home!

PLUS – call us right now and ask about our flexible payment plans – improving your home could be much more affordable than you think!


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