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tado° the smart thermostat that uses your phone’s location to cut your heating bill. With tado° you can control your home heating remotely.

Whatever the weather, or wherever you are, arrive home to a warm house.


Remotely control your heating

The tado° heating HUB replaces your existing time clock and because there is no need for any extra wiring or connections there is no disruption to your home. tado° gives you the power to remotely control your heating from the the phone in your pocket – by text, online or by app.




Prices start from just £299. inclusive of VAT,  installation and 1 years warranty.

Call now on 0800 122 38 38 to book your system.




Remote control of your heating in 3 easy steps

Remove old time clock

Install the tado°


Control online


android-iconWhat tado° can do for you  ios-icon

  • Gives you complete control of your home heating from work, home or abroad.
  • Your heating never needs to be on unless you want it to be so you can reduce energy wastage and save money.
  • You can go online, send a text or use the climote app (for android and smartphones) to set your heating schedules and boost your heating.

Why choose AmberGreen?

  • Our installation teams can can install climote in only 30 minutes.
  • We register your system and work with you to ensure you make the most of the functionality and adapt the climote to best suit you and your home.
  • We provide two years product warranty as standard.

Heating iconsetAdapt it to your needs

tado° enables you to live in comfort and save money.  The remote technology ensure your home isn’t heated while you’re not there, but you can come back to a warm home whenever you need it.

Heating Wall GraphicTailor it to your home

tado° helps you work with the particular thermal properties of your home. We will help you understand how insulation and window surface areas impact on your heating requirements.

Heating Weather iconRespond to the weather:

tado° enables remote control of your heating. React to the changing weather, if the temperature drops, no problem, set your temperature higher, if the day turns out sunny, turn your heat off, from wherever you are!

tado_presse_st_packaging_DEPrices start from just £299

 Call now on 0800 122 38 38 to book your system.


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