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Solar panels NI ROC income is guaranteed for 20 years –

get involved and don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to save energy and make money too. – Call Free on 0800 122 38 38.

Over 1,200 customers in NI have installed AmberGreen solar panels:

AmberGreen have installed 2.2 Giga Watts of solar pv generation in Northern Ireland.  We install 4kW solar pv on homes & 12-50kW on farms, schools & businesses. We will help you plan large Mega Watt installations on roofs and brown field sites.

Home owners will generate £850 – £950 p.a. from 4kW solar pv systems**.

Our quotes are generated to exacting industry standards and provide accurate system output and returns analysis from your solar panels in NI.

We always specify the major components you are getting in your quote.

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Premium quality all German component solar pv kits.Solar Panels NI Packages 480px-premium

  • Silver

    • Q Cell Panels + Fronius inverter + installation.
  • Gold

    • Q Cell Panels + Fronius inverter + GEO monitor + installation.
  • Platinum

    • Q Cell Panels +SMA inverter + SMA monitor + installation.
  • Platinum +

    • Q Cell Panels + SMA inverter + SMA monitor + water heater + installation.

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Our Best Value solar panel packages, buy direct & online today!

Buy online, save time & money – use the Solar Panels NI Packages 480px-valuesolar pv experts and save both!

Here’s what you are purchasing:

  • Fully installed Solar panels in Northern Ireland
  • AmberGreen customers benefit from:
    • 25 year performance warranty on panels
    • 10 year performance warranty on inverters
    • 5-10 Year workmanship warranty & deposit protection insurance.
    • VAT @ 5% included in price. (20% for businesses)

Buy solar panel kits online

1. Book Online: Reserve your solar pv with a small 10% deposit.
2. Initial Checks: Our design team checks the suitability of your property.
3. Engage: We confirm your requirements with you by email or phone.
4. Book EPC You book & pay for your EPC Survey, you can also book it online.
5. Paperwork: We send you the MCS/RECC standard paperwork including prices & projected returns.
6. Confirm Dates: When confirming your installation date, a further 50% deposit is required, up to the allowed max. of 60%.
8. Completion: The whole experience, including cooling off period, can be as little as 21 days – from today.
7. Pay Balance: You pay the 40% balance on the system on satisfactory completion.
9. Cooling Off: Remember, you have 14 days to cool off.

Here’s what you are buying:-

  • Solar pv system:
    • Solar pv panels.
    • Solar inverter.
    • Roof mountings (tile roof included in price)
      • additional costs apply for Tile, Trapezoidal, Tin & Flat roofs.
  • All electrical components.
  • Standard installation up to 4kWs.

You also benefit from:

  • 5 Year workmanship warranty and deposit protection insurance.
  • VAT @ 5% included in price. (20% VAT rate applicable for businesses)


Solar installations in England | Scotland | Wales require an EPC certificate to register for FiTs.  You can add an EPC survey to your order.

Here’s the detail:

Once your deposit is paid, we contact you to confirm your requirements and organise an EPC or survey. When completed, we issue your MCS / RECC quote & documents. If you accept the offer it is then binding, not withstanding your 14 day cooling off period.

Our Terms & Conditions, Rights to Cancel, Vulnerable Persons Policy & other documents can be viewed here: Document Library

What happens if the system won’t fit on my roof?

All offers are made subject to survey, that’s why we only take a deposit. Purchases are not binding on either party until a survey is completed, a regulation quote is issued and our terms of business agreed to.

But don’t worry your deposit is refunded if a system cannot be installed.

AmberGreen is authorised & regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and we’re able to provide you with funding options. If you are interested in our low cost funding, please advise our consultants that you want to fund the balance of your system payments. (Equipment variations apply if you prefer to fund your system via Hitachi Finance).

Please note: EPC fees and or other technical survey fees are not refundable if they have been completed.

Use our LED calculator is see how much you could save


1 Bulb(s)
1 Hour(s)
1 Week(s)
10.000p / kWh

Energy Savings


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Solar Panels NI ROCS | 4kW Solar PV data sheet

Guaranteed Income.

The government NIROC pays 16.32p (Oct. 2014) for every unit of electricity your system produces (up to 50kW). The tariff drops over 50kW, to find out more contact us.

The ROC is  paid annually & is guaranteed for 20 years once you have commissioned your system. The rate of subsidy will reduce in the future (Oct. 2015*).

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to obtain 4 ROCS for every unit of energy you produce. *DETI

Export income.

Export excess energy back to the grid – the NI export tariff is currently 5.10 pence (Oct. 2014). Using your excess energy to heat hot water is a very effective use of your excess energy. One of our Energy Consultants will be able to provide you with information of the optional extras available to you.

Hear from our customers:

Hear how Lynne McKenzie’s 4kW Solar installation is making a big impact on her electricity bills…

View all our video testimonials >>


AmberGreen Solar Partners Limited (a subsidiary of AmberGreen Energy) is MCS & RECC Certified and all the measuring criteria used in our examples is based on the standard MCS criteria. RECC code ensures that we operate within the exacting standards required.

AmberGreen is also authorised & regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), ensuring the highest standards in corporate practices and financial stability.

*All figures correct at the time of publishing and may be subject to change.

NB: Hover over the sub-headings below for detailed descriptions

3kW Solar PV 4kW Solar PV 6.5kW Solar PV
Installation Factors  (electrical survey required)
Roof Orientation: Due South
Roof Pitch: 37 degrees
Shading Factor: None


Production & Usage
Production: kWs per annum 2538 3384 5499
Assumed Usage 50% 50% 50%
Amount of kWs used 1269 1692 2750


Income, Savings & Returns
Income from ROCS per annum: £430 £574 £937
Income from exported energy per annum: £71 £95 £154
Savings from self generation per annum: £228 £304 £494


Total Income & Savings
Est. 20 Year Savings £15,516 £20,693 £33,618

If you live in England | Scotland | Wales you’ll need to read about FiTs –

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Silver – Platinum + System options

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